Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 40: Boyfriend Jeans Take 2

Top: Purchased at TJ Maxx
Jeans: GAP Outlet
Sandals: MK Michael Kors, purchased from TJ Maxx
Bracelet: Purchased in Hawaii (green)

I love my boyfriend jeans!!!  Everyone should have a pair!  I prefer the straight leg, but I have seen them in skinny leg too.  They are the perfect summer jean.  Laid back and casual.  Roll them up to create a cooler (as in temperature) outfit.  

Today, I decided to wear an embroidered top I purchased years ago.  I've almost donated it several times because it had this stupid bow on the back, that once it was washed, became this wrinkled mess and DID NOT look cute at all!  I solved my little problem by cutting off the bow.  Easy Peasy!

I've worn these sandals almost every day this week.  When you are purchasing shoes, try to find shoes that will go with many different pieces in your wardrobe.  I've made shoe mistakes before!  I'm the girl with sequenced zebra print ballet flats.  Yep!  That's me.  They are cute, but really!  When am I going to wear them???  (except on this blog of course because I have to!)

I'm glad I held on to this top.  Mexican embroidered dresses and tops are making their way onto the fashion scene right now.  Though, this top does not have the vibrate colors like the typical Mexican garments, it does have the same feel.

Happy Shopping,

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