Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 43: Sunday Fun-day!

Dress: Purchased from Dandy Lion Boutique
Shoes: Mossimo, purchased from Target (cobalt blue)
Earrings: Purchased from Dandy Lion Boutique (red)
Belt: Purchased from Target (red)
Necklace: Purchased from Etsy (yellow)
Cardigan: Old Navy (blue)

Today was another fun filled day!  First, we had church.  I wanted to wear something today that would work for me all day.  Usually after church I change clothes (normally into sweat pants and a t-shirt).  I couldn't do that today because I promised I'd take my boys to watch Monsters University (awesome movie by the way!).  Movie theaters and churches are always cold, so wearing a cardigan today was perfect.  

I love this floral print dress.  I really love that it has so many bright bold colors so I have an excuse to wear everything red, blue and yellow in my closet, bonus!   Plus, floral prints are very much in style right now so that is a double bonus!

The sun was setting, so it was really hard to get a good shot today, sorry!
I'll be sure to wear this outfit again so I can get some better pictures.  

Happy Shopping,


Kim Hainline said...

I found you on Pinterest and started following your blog today. Love it! I recently started a blog and started thrift shopping as well.

Christin James said...

Thanks! I'm glad it is getting out there!!!

Christin James said...

Awesome! What's the name of your blog?