Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 142: Scarves and Shorts

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Top: GAP (navy blue)
Shorts: GAP (pink)
Sacrf: Old Navy (floral)
Sandals: Merona (brown)

I used to have a really big problem with people wearing scarves with shorts.  I thought., "If it is cold enough to wear a scarf then it is too cold to wear shorts".  I still find myself shedding the scarf later in the afternoon when the weather is at its warmest outside.  I'm not sure why I had such a problem with the whole scarf shorts thing.  Looking at pictures on Pinterest, lots of girls wear the combo and it looks super cute!  I have decided to look at scarves the same way that I look at wearing a necklace.  It is an accessory that adds a little pizzaz to an outfit and can be removed if need be.  

Okay, enough about that.  On to the outfit.

The boys had field day at their school today and I volunteered to help with Nathaniel's class.  I'm glad I added the jacket and scarf because once we were outside the wind was rather strong and made for a chilly day.

Tip: Go out and find yourself some fabulously fun scarves!  They make a great accessory and add pop to any outfit.

Happy Shopping,

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