Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 166: Shades of Gray

Top: Purchased at Dandy Lion Boutique (gray)
Jeans: LOFT (dark wash)
Silver owl necklace
Black, gray and silver beaded earrings

I tend to wear A LOT of gray and black during the colder days.  I love gray!  Not sure why, I just do. 

 I also had on black boots, but they didn't make the picture because they are hideous and I am sending them back to  Yes, I bought boots online.  I had knee surgery a few years ago and I just can't wear heeled boots for very long now.  I tried to find the best deal on riding boots (they are flat) I could online and I stubbled upon  I bought a brown and black pair of riding boots.  They came in the mail a few days ago and they are awful!!!  The quality sucks and they are just plain ugly!!!  Needless to say, they are on there way back to where ever they came from.

Have you ever bought something online that just was not what you expected???  Come on, I know we all have.  Tell me about it!  Any online retailers online shoppers should stay away from???  Share here.

I refuse to shop a few online retailers because of their outrageous exchange/return policies.  One being (they advertise free returns, but charge a $5.95 restocking fee).  Also,  They do not offer free returns.  I hate that!

So, tell me where you hate to shop online AND where you love to shop online.  Share here and/or on the FB page.

You may just receive a reward for your comments, shares, likes, etc;)

Happy Shopping,

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