Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 167: Animal Fever

Tank: Nordstroms Rack (animal print)
Cardi: Banana Republic (liliac)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Belk
Elephant necklace
Betsey Johnson watch

I had a fun filled day at the Social Security office...NOT.  Well, I was really there, but it wasn't fun.  I'm not a fan of crowds or waiting.  You don't even want to see me at Disney World!!!

Anyways, I finally was able to wear this lilac cardi I have had FOREVER (like 6 months).  See, I bought it and a button fell off immediately.  I am NOT going to wear anything with a missing button.  Actually, the button wasn't missing.  It sat on my counter for about 3 months.  I then moved to Colorado and then it really went missing.  Why didn't I sew it on you may ask???  Well, it is because I don't know how to sew on a button.  Yep, I am pretty much a useless female.  

A few weeks ago when my mother-in-law visited (I save all my sewing projects for when she visits so she can do them for me) I told her I didn't know how to sew on a button.  She was pretty shocked since she knew my mom was a pretty good seamstress.  What can I say, my mom never taught me how to sew on a button, boil an egg or fold a fitted sheet.

Well, Brenda taught me how to sew on a button and my lilac cardi was saved from a life of purgatory in my closet:)

But, what about the missing button?  I just so happen to have a jar full of antique buttons (solely for decorative purposes).  We found a similar button in said jar and just used it.  Can't even tell.  I now consider myself an expert button sew-er, on-er.

Happy Shopping,

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