Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 160: Colorado Cowgirl?

Top: GAP (blue and green)
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Purchased at Target (brown)
Scarf: Purchased at Dandy Lion Boutique (mustard)

I felt like I really belonged in Colorado today just because of the outfit I had on.  Weird, I know.  Something about living here makes me want to wear cowboy boots and jeans and speak in my heaviest Texas accent (dont' worry, I 'm not going to do that!).   It could be because the Rodeo Hall of Fame (or Bull Rider Hall of Fame, whatever) is right down the road from me and every time I drive by it memories of my mom flood my mind.  The stories she told me about her rodeo days and how I wish I could've seen her riding the American flag in before a rodeo.  That would've been so cool! 

Anyways, I see a lot of 'native' people around wearing similar outfits.  I also had on my Colombia jacket while out and about today and Jason told me I looked like I belong here (whatever that means). 

That got me thinking though (scary right?!) What is it about where we live having an influence on the clothes we wear (aside from seasonal items)?  My friend Zanne told me that when she moved from Alabama back to her native California that people told her she dressed like a Southern girl.  Why did they say that???  It was because she wore a belt with a dress.  Apparently that is a Southern thing?  

Zanne also told me that when I come to visit her in LA next month that I should NOT pack Crocs (like I would own a pair of Crocs).  I guess Crocs are not acceptable LA fashion (who would've thought:)?   But really, are Crocs acceptable anywhere???

Okay, enough about Crocs (sorry if I offended anyone.  I'm sure there are cute Crocs out there somewhere).  

So, depending on where you currently live or have lived.  Have you noticed a distinctive style of the region?  Are there certain brands that are popular there that you've never heard of before?  Spill it!  For example, I never heard of Uggs until I moved to New York.  Same thing with Sperry,  I never heard of those until I lived in Alabama (same with Miss Me Jeans).

What style is popular in your area?  I'll never forget the sweater, skirt, tights and Uggs combo I had to bear witness to in the 'Great White North".  It was tragic!  

Or the vast array of game day dresses in the South.  And what is with Alabama boys ALWAYS wearing khaki shorts, Polo shirts, Sperry Topsiders and Costa Del Mar sunglasses???  Really guys,  you are at Ruby Tuesdays, not out on your yacht! 

Happy Shopping (please...just NOT for Crocs!!!)

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