Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 143: New Mexico Bound

Top: Banana Republic (black and white)
Pants: Lucy yoga pants
Flip flops: Reek (brown)

We had a fabulous weekend in New Mexico visiting my cousin and his family.  I hadn't seen Chris since 1998, when my dad died.  I pack for warmer weather thinking New Mexico had to be warmer than Colorado (did I mention it was snowing here Friday???).  Since it was snowing when we left Colorado, I wore a sweater.  Thank God!  It was the only sweater I had for the trip.  And let me tell you, New Mexico is COLD!  

I always dress for comfort when I travel and yoga pants are my go to comfort pant.  I wore my favorite pair with the sweater.  I also like to wear flip-flops when I travel because they are easy to slid off and on.  I brought my brown flip flops because they matched the other outfits I had planned to wear all weekend.  Because it was so cold outside I quickly traded the flip flops for a pair of fuzzy socks (I always travel with a pair of those too).

I have to day, this sweater is the most comfortably soft sweater I've ever had!  LOVE IT!!!  You'll see me wearing this a lot this winter!

What do you like to travel in?  Do you dress for comfort or style or both?

Happy Shopping,

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