Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 138: Chilly Lazy Day

Shirt: J. Crew (orange and gray)
Vest: Old Navy (gray)
Pants: Lucy yoga pants (black)

I am playing catch up with the blog today.  I have been sick since Saturday (when this picture was taken).  I always thought the weather in East Texas was crazy and unpredictable.  Nope, the weather here is insane!!!  One day it is 75 degrees and the next day it is 40 degrees.  No wonder I am so sick right now!

Anyways, I spent the day cleaning house and being, well, lazy.  But, I still wanted to look presentable.  A friend once challenged me to come up with a cute sweat suit look.  I refuse to wear anything that says "Juicy" across the bottom (because that is just plain tacky!), so I figure the next best thing is a pair of yoga paints (I do actually teach yoga so I have an excuse to wear these on a semi-daily basis) and a casual top.

I wanted to show off my wicker moose, but you can't really see him.  I'm trying to come up with a name for him so I appreciate any suggestions.

A note about wearing yoga pants: You can wear yoga pants without looking like a mom who just doesn't take time to put on 'real' clothes.  IF you can find a nice pair of yoga pants that is.  The ones I am wearing are by Lucy.  They have a spandex blend so they will hold their black color.  I've had these pants for several years and they haven't faded at all.  

Yoga pants can be worn with a nice tunic or sweater and a pair of flats.  You can even find skinny leg yoga pants that can be worn tucked into boots and have more of a leggings look and feel to them.

I saw an episode of Oprah once where a lady worn a nice crisp button down top (it was more tunic length) with a pair of yoga pants.  It was absolutely adorable!

Just because you want to wear yoga pants that doesn't mean you have to look like a fuddy duddy!  Put a little effort into your looks each day and not only will you look nicer, but you will feel better about yourself!

Happy Shopping,

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