Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 148: Black and White Wednesday

T-Shirt: The Limited (white)
Vest: Purchased at Ross (black and white)
Jeans: JCP (black)
Sandals: Merona (black)
Necklace: Purchased at Burkes Outlet (silver owl)

I had grand plans f picking the kids up from school, then taking them all to the grocery store.  However, after I picked them up I realized they are crazy and spending an hour at the grocery store with them would likely put me in the looney bin.  Instead, we came home and they burned off all their after school energy outside with their friends.  

Not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but it is CRAZY windy here!!!  That is why my hair looks like I just rolled out of bed.  

I've worn this vest before on the blog.  I had it in my donate pile, but decided it was worth another chance.  Sometimes I get rid of clothes too quickly and regret it later on.  Do y'all ever do that?  I have also been known to be a taker-backer.  Meaning that I give someone a clothing item, then ask for it back.  It's horrible I know!

Anyways, I am super glad that I didn't get rid of this vest.  For one, vest are super in style right now, and two, it is really versatile.  

What do you think?  Good thing that I didn't donate it?  Or,  Do you think I should've  gotten rid of it?

Happy Shopping,

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