Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 167: Animal Fever

Tank: Nordstroms Rack (animal print)
Cardi: Banana Republic (liliac)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Belk
Elephant necklace
Betsey Johnson watch

I had a fun filled day at the Social Security office...NOT.  Well, I was really there, but it wasn't fun.  I'm not a fan of crowds or waiting.  You don't even want to see me at Disney World!!!

Anyways, I finally was able to wear this lilac cardi I have had FOREVER (like 6 months).  See, I bought it and a button fell off immediately.  I am NOT going to wear anything with a missing button.  Actually, the button wasn't missing.  It sat on my counter for about 3 months.  I then moved to Colorado and then it really went missing.  Why didn't I sew it on you may ask???  Well, it is because I don't know how to sew on a button.  Yep, I am pretty much a useless female.  

A few weeks ago when my mother-in-law visited (I save all my sewing projects for when she visits so she can do them for me) I told her I didn't know how to sew on a button.  She was pretty shocked since she knew my mom was a pretty good seamstress.  What can I say, my mom never taught me how to sew on a button, boil an egg or fold a fitted sheet.

Well, Brenda taught me how to sew on a button and my lilac cardi was saved from a life of purgatory in my closet:)

But, what about the missing button?  I just so happen to have a jar full of antique buttons (solely for decorative purposes).  We found a similar button in said jar and just used it.  Can't even tell.  I now consider myself an expert button sew-er, on-er.

Happy Shopping,

Day 166: Shades of Gray

Top: Purchased at Dandy Lion Boutique (gray)
Jeans: LOFT (dark wash)
Silver owl necklace
Black, gray and silver beaded earrings

I tend to wear A LOT of gray and black during the colder days.  I love gray!  Not sure why, I just do. 

 I also had on black boots, but they didn't make the picture because they are hideous and I am sending them back to  Yes, I bought boots online.  I had knee surgery a few years ago and I just can't wear heeled boots for very long now.  I tried to find the best deal on riding boots (they are flat) I could online and I stubbled upon  I bought a brown and black pair of riding boots.  They came in the mail a few days ago and they are awful!!!  The quality sucks and they are just plain ugly!!!  Needless to say, they are on there way back to where ever they came from.

Have you ever bought something online that just was not what you expected???  Come on, I know we all have.  Tell me about it!  Any online retailers online shoppers should stay away from???  Share here.

I refuse to shop a few online retailers because of their outrageous exchange/return policies.  One being (they advertise free returns, but charge a $5.95 restocking fee).  Also,  They do not offer free returns.  I hate that!

So, tell me where you hate to shop online AND where you love to shop online.  Share here and/or on the FB page.

You may just receive a reward for your comments, shares, likes, etc;)

Happy Shopping,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 165: Marshmallow Vest

Vest: Old Navy (white)
T-shirt: Old Navy (purple)
Jeans: Loft
Boots: Purchased at Belk (gray)

Baby it is cold outside!  Or should I say, the wind is cold outside?!  If it weren't for the wind chill, today would've been rather warm.  But alas, i am in a very windy part of the country now so wind breakers, puffy vests, gloves and scarves are beginning to make their debut once again.  

I have had this puffy vest F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!!  I love it!  It is warm, easily bleached (I have three kids people) and finds those few extra pounds I may or may not have packed on:)

Every girl needs a puffy vest to keep her warm on the coldest of winter days!!!  I am actively searching for a burgundy colored one, so if anyone finds one please let me know!  I still have a little bit of birthday money from the in-laws to spend:)

Happy Shopping,

Day 164: Taupe Booties Making Their Debut

Dress: Purchased at Dillard's
Black tights
Jacket: Banana Republic (black)
Booties: Purchased at Target (taupe)

Confession...I did just buy these booties, but it is my birthday and these are a birthday present I bought for myself using money given to me by my in-laws.  Thanks Harvey and Brenda for the boots:)!!!

If it makes anyone feel any better about me bending my no shopping rule (technically I bought these online), let me tell you that these shoes are killer uncomfortable!!!

I was in so much pain while wearing these booties.  Are all booties this uncomfortable?  Oh well, they were meant for me to wear with dresses to church or other sit-most-of-the-time occasions.  I am hoping that some shoe inserts will help alleviate some of the pain.

As they say, "No pain, no gain".

This dress is too short for my comfort.  It is a size medium (6-8) so if anyone wants it, just let me know.  I'll send it your way.

Happy Shopping,

Day 163: Denim Diva

Top: a.n.a (denim)
Pants: a.n.a (black)
T-shirt: Merona (black)
Owl necklace and wishbone necklace (black and gold)
Boots: Bongo (brown)

I drove to Denver today to pick up my very good friend, Barbara from the airport.  We then spent the day shopping around Denver.  We had a blast the whole weekend.  I was very sad to see her go!

Anyways, I knew I'd e walking around a lot so I needed to be comfortable and I knew the weather can be very sporadic so I needed to wear layers that I could shed if need be.

This is what I came up with.

I think a chambray (fancy word for denim???) top is a must in every closet.  Sure it may come and go as a trendy item, but a good denim (layman term for chambray???) top can always be a staple in your wardrobe.

Happy Shopping,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 162: It Ain't Always Pretty People

Top: Purchased at Dandy Lion Boutique
Pants: GAP cargo (brown)
Sandals: Target (gold-ish)

The weather today was really weird.  This morning it was super duper cold, then this afternoon it was super duper warm, then again super duper cold in the evening.  I changed clothes so many times today it was ridiculous!  For whatever reason, I decided on these pants and this top.  I love this top mainly because of the owl.  Who doesn't love an owl shirt???

I was bound a determined to wear these pants today only because I haven't been able to wear them for a very long time (my fat butt wouldn't fit in them) but today I was able to wear them without my muffin top spilling over:).  YAY!!!  Problem is...I don't really know how to wear these pants.  They can be rolled up at the bottom or left long.  I wore them both ways during the duration of the day.  

I had no idea what kind of shoes to wear with these pants either.  Sandals or flip flops seemed to be the only good option.  And it was a fine option until I had to walk my oldest kid to basketball practice at night and my toes nearly froze off.

With all that being said, I need your help!  I really want to keep these pants in my closet, but I need ideas on how to wear them.  What kind of tops will look good with bard brown cargo pants?  What kinds of shoes should I wear?  

You know it is bad when you ask your 9 year old to take your picture and he replies, "In that?" with a look of disgust on his face.  

Happy Shopping,

Day 161: Nacho Poncho

Poncho sweater: Old Navy (oatmeal)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Purchased at Belk
Tee: Target (brown)

I guess this sweater is considered a poncho?  I honestly don't know.  I bought this sweater years ago at Old Navy on the super clearance rack.  I had a black one sort of like it, but it was much more hideous looking and I got rid of it after several people told me I looked fat wearing it.  Oaky, I'm sure they used more gentle terms than that, but that is basically what they were saying.

Anyways, I'm glad I held on to this one!  Especially since these poncho, sweater, cape things are trendy this season.  I browse websites all the time looking at the seasons latest trends and trying to figure out how I'm going to make the clothes in my closet work.  I noticed this morning several of my favorite websites are selling very similar PO-TERS (pocho + sweater). 

Woo-Hoo!!!  I'm still trendy!!!

So, what do you consider this?  A sweater?  A poncho?  A cape?  I personally like PO-TER.  I think it'll catch on:)

Happy Shopping,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 160: Colorado Cowgirl?

Top: GAP (blue and green)
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Purchased at Target (brown)
Scarf: Purchased at Dandy Lion Boutique (mustard)

I felt like I really belonged in Colorado today just because of the outfit I had on.  Weird, I know.  Something about living here makes me want to wear cowboy boots and jeans and speak in my heaviest Texas accent (dont' worry, I 'm not going to do that!).   It could be because the Rodeo Hall of Fame (or Bull Rider Hall of Fame, whatever) is right down the road from me and every time I drive by it memories of my mom flood my mind.  The stories she told me about her rodeo days and how I wish I could've seen her riding the American flag in before a rodeo.  That would've been so cool! 

Anyways, I see a lot of 'native' people around wearing similar outfits.  I also had on my Colombia jacket while out and about today and Jason told me I looked like I belong here (whatever that means). 

That got me thinking though (scary right?!) What is it about where we live having an influence on the clothes we wear (aside from seasonal items)?  My friend Zanne told me that when she moved from Alabama back to her native California that people told her she dressed like a Southern girl.  Why did they say that???  It was because she wore a belt with a dress.  Apparently that is a Southern thing?  

Zanne also told me that when I come to visit her in LA next month that I should NOT pack Crocs (like I would own a pair of Crocs).  I guess Crocs are not acceptable LA fashion (who would've thought:)?   But really, are Crocs acceptable anywhere???

Okay, enough about Crocs (sorry if I offended anyone.  I'm sure there are cute Crocs out there somewhere).  

So, depending on where you currently live or have lived.  Have you noticed a distinctive style of the region?  Are there certain brands that are popular there that you've never heard of before?  Spill it!  For example, I never heard of Uggs until I moved to New York.  Same thing with Sperry,  I never heard of those until I lived in Alabama (same with Miss Me Jeans).

What style is popular in your area?  I'll never forget the sweater, skirt, tights and Uggs combo I had to bear witness to in the 'Great White North".  It was tragic!  

Or the vast array of game day dresses in the South.  And what is with Alabama boys ALWAYS wearing khaki shorts, Polo shirts, Sperry Topsiders and Costa Del Mar sunglasses???  Really guys,  you are at Ruby Tuesdays, not out on your yacht! 

Happy Shopping (please...just NOT for Crocs!!!)

Day 159: Sunday Color

Cardi: Banana Republic (mustard)
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Purchased at Walmart (blue)
Shoes: Merona (burgundy)

I have been waiting for a Sunday to come along so I could wear this outfit to church.  Since we've skipped church for the last three weeks (sickness, travel and company) I finally had the opportunity to wear this look this weekend.  

I feel like this outfit is something Zooey Deschanel would wear on New Girl (except her skirt would be much shorter).  

What's not to love???  Polka Dots...LOVE!  Peter Pan collar...LOVE!  Mustard colored anything...LOVE! Blue pencil skirt...LOVE!

What do y'all think?  Too much, or just enough?  

I had my wonderful husband take this picture as soon as we got home from church.  We were all starving and he was already busy making pico while our boys were getting the guac ready.  This picture was taken after I had already dumped a slippery avocado down the front of my shirt.  We hurried to take the picture before I got any more green down the front of me.   Needless to say, the entire outfit had to be washed.  Thank God for washable fabrics!!!  

Happy Shopping,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 158: I Bought Socks!

Top: Maurices (cream)
Jeans: JCP (black)
Boots: Purchased at Belk (brown)
Belt Maurice (brown)
Earrings: Banana Republic (gold)

I had a few hours to myself this evening.  What did I do?  I went to Toys R Us, Target and got a mani.  I was able to get Arianna's Christmas presents purchased tonight (one down, two to go).  I then went to Target were I bought myself some socks.  I have to tell you, I'm pretty excited about my new socks!  I don't get to buy myself any non-essential clothing so these socks were really fun for me to buy.  Plus, I've had some of my socks since college (gross, I know) so it was time to buy new socks to replace the old.   

Jason asked me why I was so dressed up to go to the toy store.

I didn't think I was that dressed up.  

What do y'all think?  Nice shopping outfit? or Too much?

Happy Shopping (for socks too),

Day 157: Colorful-ish

Cardi: Banana Republic (mustard)
Dress: NY&Co (chambray)
Boots: Purchased at Belk
Scarf: Old Navy

We celebrated my MIL's birthday tonight!  We took her out to eat at Crave (a burger joint).  She really wanted a buffalo burger while she was in Colorado.  We are not ones to disappoint so we found out where the best buffalo burger in Colorado sprigs was and we found it!  Now, I was a good girl and had a salad but, I was told that the buffalo patty was the best ever, according to my husband.

I was just excited to have an excuse to dress up!

I promise that these boots are brown.  Anyways, I felt super cute and that is what matters.  I love this little chambray dress!  I bought it before chambray was a big deal (I guess I'm ahead of my time;).  It is a total summer dress, but when I add thick tights, boots and a cardi, it becomes a perfect fall-winter dress.  I did wear my heavy coat over the whole thing because it was COLD outside!!!  As a matter of fact, it had been snowing all morning but had melted away by the evening.

Do you have dresses that can transition from warmer to colder weather?  How do you make the transition?

I hope that I
ve inspired you to re-look at your summer dresses and see if you think any of them can be worn throughout the year.  Get more bang for your buck whenever you can!

Email me at if you have any questions about styling a summer dress into a winter dress.

Happy Shopping,

Day 156: Need More Color!!!

Boyfriend Swaeter: Old Navy
Tee: GAP
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Old Navy (gold)

My BGF (best German friend) Tina told me I needed more color in my winter wardrobe.  I told her to send me some gift cards (that's not cheating, right?!?!?!) and I would be more than happy to go out and buy a more colorful wardrobe.  She laughed:/  Anyways, she is right.  I so need more color.  I tend to be the sort of person that loves to wear darker colors when it is cold outside and brighter colors when it is warm outside.  

Well, today I dressed drab and dreary. 

Why do I always tilt my head like that???

Anyways, dark colors, no fun!  Next time I wear this cardi I'll be sure to wear a bright top underneath it!  

What color/kind of top would you wear under this cardi?  I need suggestions.  I have a very limited cold weather wardrobe and will have to be extra creative if I'm going to make it through the winter with out breaking down and raiding the nearest TJ Maxx.

Happy Shopping,

Day 155: Aztec-d

Sweater: Purchased from The Dandy Lion Boutique
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Bongo (brown)

I LOVE this trend!!!  That's really all I can say.  I love the pattern, colors and the fact that these sweaters are so baggy and comfortable!  Perfect for colder days!  

This ain't your momma's sweater!  No ma'am! Aztec is the way to go this fall if you're wanting a trendy sweater that will help keep you warm on the coldest of days!  These sweaters come in such a wide variety of colors that you are sure to find one in any color pallet you desire.  Plus, they look great on so many different body types!  

I saw some open front sweaters today at Target!  Hurry up and go get yourself one!!!  That's an order;)

Happy Shopping,

Day 154: Home Bound

Top: Banana Republic
Jeans: Banana Republic
Boots: Purchased at Belk (gray)

We had a nice lazy day at home today.  My kids are on a two week break and my in-laws are visiting.  We have had a great time so far, but decided to take it easy today and just hang out and relax.  

Who says you have to wear sweats when you have a relaxing day at home???

Happy Shopping,

Day 153: Ready For A Hike!

Vest: Old Navy (gray)
Tee: Purchased at Kohl's (burgundy)
Pants: Lucy yoga pants (black)
Shoes: hiking shoes

Today we drove to Royal Gorge Canyon.  It is a beautiful canyon located a little over an hour from our home.  The area was devastated by wildfires last year, so the bridge part and a large majority of the area are still closed.  However, we were able to drive up the mountain then hike down and see the canyon.  It was incredible!

I hate it when I wear non-cute clothes during the day for practicality!  I just don't know how else to make a hiking outfit look good.  Please, if you know, tell me!!!

Happy Shopping,

Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 152: Stay-cay Sunday

Sweater: Purchased at Ross (black)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Purchased at Belk (gray)
Earrings: Purchased at Maurices

We took Jason's parents to Royal Gorge Canyon today.  It was a little over an hour trip so we decided to skip church and head up there in the morning.  I can't even find the words to describe the beauty of the gorge!  It was incredible!!!  We have to drive up pretty high, then get out and walk down towards the ledge.  There is am amazing bridge that goes across the gorge.  However, the bridge and most of the area of the Royal Gorge (including the railroad) are still closed due to the wildfires.  It is a shame because I would love to experience the whole thing while I am here.  Hopefully it will all be reopened in May!

That all being said, I wore a sweater, jeans and boots.  Pretty typical attire for me during the colder months:)

Question:  What is your Fall wardrobe like???

Happy Shopping,

Day 151: Sweater Saturday

Sweater: Purchased at Ross (orange)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Coach
Earrings: Banana Republic

It is finally sweater weather around here.  Woo Hoo!!!  I love sweater weather.  I love the colder crisp in the air.  All of my memories of being stationed in Northern New York (Fort Drum to be exact) are flooding back to me.  I have to get myself back in to a cold weather state of mind:)  

I wanted to be sure Jason got my pretty orchid in the picture.  I have another, but it is all but dead.  Poor thing! 

Anyways, I love these boots!  I purchased them years ago in a Coach store in Syracuse, New York.  I like them because they have multiple colors and can be worn with sooooo much!  Have I mentioned how much I appreciate clothing with versatility??? 

I think I have:)

Happy Shopping,

Day 150: Fun Day Friday

Top: Forever 21 (polka dots)
Cardi: Banana Republic (mustard)
Jeans: JCP (black)
Shoes: Purchased at Target (mustard)

Boy do I have a story for you today!  I was invited to have dinner with my friends tonight.  I jump at any opportunity to have girl time and dress up!  As I was getting ready tonight I knew I wanted to wear my Peter Pan collar polka dot top.  I have been saving it for a special occasion and tonight was the night!

I really wanted to wear my Mary jane heels with my outfit.  However, when I tried to put on the left shoe the strap going across the top of the foot broke.  Okay, so now I have a broken pair of shoes, no big deal, I can replace them.

Next, I was putting on my animal print belt (I really like the way animal print and polka dots look together).  As I was trying to put the little metal thing in the hole (Sorry, I don't know belt terminology), my belt broke in half!  

I couldn't believe it.  Within ten minutes I have broken my shoes and my belt.  

I am always one to make it work, so I just went ahead and wore my mustard flats and decided not to wear a belt.

I still think the outfit came together well.  

TIP:  Mustard is HUGE this Fall.  Try to find yourself a mustard cardi, sweater or top to wear during the season.

Happy Shopping,

Day 149: Crochet Thursday

Top: Purchased at The Dandy Lion Boutique (white)
Tank: Old Navy (pink)
Jeans: GAP
Sandals: Merona (brown)
Cardi: LOFT (blue)

I don't know why I get so far behind on my blog sometimes, but mornings like today are great for catching up!

When I woke up Thursday I had a lot to do to get ready for the arrival of my in-laws this weekend.  I had to head to town to pick up a few things.  I thought it was warm outside, so I word a crochet tank with a light cardi, jeans rolled up and sandals.  However, once I was in town and really outside, I quickly realized it was chilly!!!  The wind will go right through you here!  I was not dressed for the weather (story of my life lately) and neither was Arianna (poor baby).  

Lesson learned!  I know carry a jacket in my car for myself and each of my kids.  You just never know how cold it will be outside.

I like mixing colors.  I'm not one to be too matchy matchy.  My husband actually told me he liked my outfit today.  Not that he doesn't normally like my outfits, but he especially liked this one.  It may have been the low cut top now that I think about it.  Whatever, a compliment is a compliment and I appreciate it:)

Oh, and I hope you all have noticed how much I wear these same distressed boyfriend jeans.  Super duper versatile!  Have you gotten yourself a pair yet???

Happy Shopping,

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 148: Black and White Wednesday

T-Shirt: The Limited (white)
Vest: Purchased at Ross (black and white)
Jeans: JCP (black)
Sandals: Merona (black)
Necklace: Purchased at Burkes Outlet (silver owl)

I had grand plans f picking the kids up from school, then taking them all to the grocery store.  However, after I picked them up I realized they are crazy and spending an hour at the grocery store with them would likely put me in the looney bin.  Instead, we came home and they burned off all their after school energy outside with their friends.  

Not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but it is CRAZY windy here!!!  That is why my hair looks like I just rolled out of bed.  

I've worn this vest before on the blog.  I had it in my donate pile, but decided it was worth another chance.  Sometimes I get rid of clothes too quickly and regret it later on.  Do y'all ever do that?  I have also been known to be a taker-backer.  Meaning that I give someone a clothing item, then ask for it back.  It's horrible I know!

Anyways, I am super glad that I didn't get rid of this vest.  For one, vest are super in style right now, and two, it is really versatile.  

What do you think?  Good thing that I didn't donate it?  Or,  Do you think I should've  gotten rid of it?

Happy Shopping,

Day 147: Teacher Conference Tuesday

Top: I don't remember where I purchased this top (teal)
Pants: Merona, Purchased at Target (jean trousers)
Shoes: Payless
Watch: Betsey Johnson
Earrings: Banana Republic

Both boys had teacher conferences today after school.  I love that this school coordinates teacher conferences if you have more than one child attending the school so you don't have to keep coming back for conferences.  Their conferences were one after the other.  AWESOME!!!  What is also awesome is that both of my boys scored the highest possible on their report cards in all subjects.  Granted, Nate is only in Kindergarten (for the second time), but he is still excelling academically.  Thomas is going to start the schools GT program right after Fall break.  I couldn't be a prouder Mom! 

I wore my teal top with jean trousers and animal print wedges.  My watch is also animal print, but it is hard to tell (sorry).

Happy Shopping,

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 146: Sweet Mondays!

Top: Purchased at Dandy Lion Boutique (blue and white)
Jeans: LOFT
Shoes: Merona (blue)

Nothing worthy of writing about happened today.  I caught up on my DVR shows, watched Breaking Dawn Part 1...again (it was just as stupid as I remembered it being) and that is about it.   

These shoes are a lot of fun, but man are they uncomfortable!  I'm glad I didn't do anything today because my feet would take much moving around in these shoes.  

I guess I have a problem with buying shoes more for looks than for comfort.  I wish I could find a brand that made really cute, affordable, comfortable shoes.  Let me know if you know of any brands out there!

What do you look for when buying shoes?  Price? Comfort? Style?

Happy Shopping,

Day 145: I Think This is a Repeat

Top: Purchased at Nordstroms (burgundy)
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: ? (animal print)

I may or may not have worn this outfit already since starting this blog.  I don't remember.  Anyways, we left New Mexico today.  The weather was much warmer outside so I was able to wear one of the outfits I packed for the trip and not have to re-wear my one sweater or my husbands jacket.  

The sun was so bright that I had to keep my eyes closed until Jason said "3".  

This is a fun beaded top that I paired with my GAP wide legged jeans.  I love burgundy and animal print together, so naturally I wore my favorite animal print flats with this outfit.  

Great outfit for traveling in and attempting to look somewhat stylish at the same time.

Happy Shopping,

Day 144: Balloon Fiesta!

Jacket: My husbands
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Toms (navy blue)

I mentioned yesterday that I didn't pack for the weather in New Mexico.  I knew it would be chilly in the mornings and the evenings so I packed my jean jacket.  That's it for outer wear.  On Saturday morning we went to the New Mexico Balloon Fiesta.  I was amazing!!!  I am amazed at the creativity and craftsmanship that go into making these hot air balloons.

We bought tickets for the a.m. flights so that meant waking up at 3:30am to be out there by 5:00am.  IT WAS COLD!!!  Jason was sweet enough to let me wear his fleece jacket and wear his gloves.  

Here I am with my very handsome (and baby carrying) husband, Jason.  Arianna was asleep in her backpack (lucky kid!).  We were photo-bombed by our son, Thomas.  Notice the rabbit ears behind my head.  

Question:  Have you ever packed completely wrong for a trip?  What did you do to remedy the situation?  

Happy Shopping,

Day 143: New Mexico Bound

Top: Banana Republic (black and white)
Pants: Lucy yoga pants
Flip flops: Reek (brown)

We had a fabulous weekend in New Mexico visiting my cousin and his family.  I hadn't seen Chris since 1998, when my dad died.  I pack for warmer weather thinking New Mexico had to be warmer than Colorado (did I mention it was snowing here Friday???).  Since it was snowing when we left Colorado, I wore a sweater.  Thank God!  It was the only sweater I had for the trip.  And let me tell you, New Mexico is COLD!  

I always dress for comfort when I travel and yoga pants are my go to comfort pant.  I wore my favorite pair with the sweater.  I also like to wear flip-flops when I travel because they are easy to slid off and on.  I brought my brown flip flops because they matched the other outfits I had planned to wear all weekend.  Because it was so cold outside I quickly traded the flip flops for a pair of fuzzy socks (I always travel with a pair of those too).

I have to day, this sweater is the most comfortably soft sweater I've ever had!  LOVE IT!!!  You'll see me wearing this a lot this winter!

What do you like to travel in?  Do you dress for comfort or style or both?

Happy Shopping,

Day 142: Scarves and Shorts

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Top: GAP (navy blue)
Shorts: GAP (pink)
Sacrf: Old Navy (floral)
Sandals: Merona (brown)

I used to have a really big problem with people wearing scarves with shorts.  I thought., "If it is cold enough to wear a scarf then it is too cold to wear shorts".  I still find myself shedding the scarf later in the afternoon when the weather is at its warmest outside.  I'm not sure why I had such a problem with the whole scarf shorts thing.  Looking at pictures on Pinterest, lots of girls wear the combo and it looks super cute!  I have decided to look at scarves the same way that I look at wearing a necklace.  It is an accessory that adds a little pizzaz to an outfit and can be removed if need be.  

Okay, enough about that.  On to the outfit.

The boys had field day at their school today and I volunteered to help with Nathaniel's class.  I'm glad I added the jacket and scarf because once we were outside the wind was rather strong and made for a chilly day.

Tip: Go out and find yourself some fabulously fun scarves!  They make a great accessory and add pop to any outfit.

Happy Shopping,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 141: Chevron Strikes Again

Cardi: GAP (pink)
Skirt: Old Navy
Flats: Walmart (black)
Watch: Philip Stein (black leather band)
Bracelet: Pandora (black braided leather)
Necklace: Purchased off Etsy (turquoise)
Earrings: Purchased at Maurices (turquoise)

Thomas had a school performance tonight (I found out about it on Monday).  He had no details about the performance besides when he was supposed to show up.  I had no idea how long it was supposed to last, what it was exactly or how we were suppose to dress.  My rule of thumb is that it is always better to over dress than to underdress.  

I think I hit the nail on the head.  I was inspired my an outfit I saw on Pinterest the other day.  

I have a blue cardi (a few actually), but I decided to go with my hot pink one instead.  I accessorized with blue hued jewelry.

Haven't I mentioned that Pinterest is a GREAT way to find inspiration for outfits???  If you haven't joined Pinterest you should ASAP!

Happy Shopping,

Day 140: Zebra Flats? Why Not!

Top: GAP (black)
Jeans GAP
Flats: Mossimo (sequence zebra)

I spent all of Sunday in my room in my bed.  I needed to rest and medicate and hopefully get over this cold before Jason had to go back to work.  I had two outfits for Saturday, so I figured I could skip Sunday and no one would care too much.  So today is Monday and I am out of bed.  Feeling a little better and heading to Walmart (my least favorite place in the world!).  

Another blurry picture for you all.  I've decided to forgo my camera phone and use my real camera from here on out.  Your'e welcome!

I went basic with a black top and wide legged jeans.  However, I am not one to not add a little pizzaz to an outfit so I am also wearing my sequence zebra print flats.  

Fun, right?!  They are whimsical and childish, but I like them.  As I have said before, shoes are a great way to add personality to any outfit.  Do you own a pair of fun shoes?  I'd love to see a picture of them.  Email me at

Happy Shopping,

Day 139: Date Night!!!!!

Dress: M.S.S.P, Purchased at Dillard's (green)
Boots: Purchased at Belk (brown)
Belt: Purchased at Maurices (brown)

Tonight was our first date night since April!  It was long overdue!!!  Went went to a New Orleans themed restaurant called Springs Orleans.  It was fantastic!  The food was pretty good, but the best part was the live music.  The musician used to be in The Commodores.  Pretty cool!

Anyways, I love any excuse to dress up and tonight was the perfect excuse!

It was very late when we got home and I was really feeling bad.  Jason took the best shot he could with my camera phone in a dark house.  I love this outfit so I know I'll be wearing it again soon.

Happy Shopping,

Day 138: Chilly Lazy Day

Shirt: J. Crew (orange and gray)
Vest: Old Navy (gray)
Pants: Lucy yoga pants (black)

I am playing catch up with the blog today.  I have been sick since Saturday (when this picture was taken).  I always thought the weather in East Texas was crazy and unpredictable.  Nope, the weather here is insane!!!  One day it is 75 degrees and the next day it is 40 degrees.  No wonder I am so sick right now!

Anyways, I spent the day cleaning house and being, well, lazy.  But, I still wanted to look presentable.  A friend once challenged me to come up with a cute sweat suit look.  I refuse to wear anything that says "Juicy" across the bottom (because that is just plain tacky!), so I figure the next best thing is a pair of yoga paints (I do actually teach yoga so I have an excuse to wear these on a semi-daily basis) and a casual top.

I wanted to show off my wicker moose, but you can't really see him.  I'm trying to come up with a name for him so I appreciate any suggestions.

A note about wearing yoga pants: You can wear yoga pants without looking like a mom who just doesn't take time to put on 'real' clothes.  IF you can find a nice pair of yoga pants that is.  The ones I am wearing are by Lucy.  They have a spandex blend so they will hold their black color.  I've had these pants for several years and they haven't faded at all.  

Yoga pants can be worn with a nice tunic or sweater and a pair of flats.  You can even find skinny leg yoga pants that can be worn tucked into boots and have more of a leggings look and feel to them.

I saw an episode of Oprah once where a lady worn a nice crisp button down top (it was more tunic length) with a pair of yoga pants.  It was absolutely adorable!

Just because you want to wear yoga pants that doesn't mean you have to look like a fuddy duddy!  Put a little effort into your looks each day and not only will you look nicer, but you will feel better about yourself!

Happy Shopping,