Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 24: Anniversary Ideas for the Hubs!

Dress: purchased from Ross
Shoes: Old Navy (black)
Necklace: Origami Owl
Silver Bracelet: boutique purchase
Black leather braided Pandora Bracelet and various charms

When you wear a dress with this much color and print, you don't really need to over do it with accessories!  Keep it simple!!!  That's what I did today, but I wanted to also convey a message to my husband and I wanted to see if he actually reads this blog:)  I was very deliberate in picking out my jewelry today.  Our 13 year anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks and I decided that today was perfect for dropping some subtle (or not too subtle) hints about what he should get me for our anniversary.

First off, here is the dress.  

I asked my photographer to focus in on the jewelry.  Isn't he turing into a great little shot?!  Not bad for a 9 year old!

Speaking of which, here he is.  I just flat out love this little guy.  He'd rather be doing anything else besides take pictures of his mom everyday, but he does it and doesn't complain too much:)  

Okay, so here are the hints for Jason.  As you can see, my Pandora bracelet is very bare.  My charms need some new friends to keep them company.  Hint, hint!

Also, my Origami Owl necklace could use a little more bling.  Hint, hint!

I realize that I am wearing a charm bracelet and a charm necklace, but I like to wear things that remind me of where/who I've been and where/who I am.  My favorite Pandora charm is my Buddha.  My best friend in the whole world bought this for me.  Michelle has been my friend through thick and thin and I am reminded of our friendship when I wear this bracelet.  And I know it may seem wrong that I am wearing a Buddha charm and I am a born again Christian, but when I was 17 I spent two weeks in Hong Kong talking to children about Christ.  Buddha statues and shrines were everywhere in the city.  This charm reminds me to be culturally aware and reminds me to always share my faith with others.  

The Origami Owl necklace is very special to me as well.  It was a gift from my friend Zanne.  She gave it to me before she moved to L.A..  We went on a cruise together and that's why she added the sand dollar and suitcase.  She also gave me the faith charm because of my faith in God.  I love seeing the reminders of my life's journey.  Plus, jewelry is super awesome and it's a lot cuter than wearing a t-shirt with your kids faces on it!!!

Question:  Do you have a charm bracelet that you wear or a piece of jewelry that holds a special memory for you?   Please share here or on the FB page.

Happy Shopping,


Michelle said...

You didn't mention that the Buddha was a gift from your BFF :)

Christin James said...

Oh my goodness I didn't! I'm sorry! I was thinking that while I was typing and totally forgot to add it.