Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 26: Cobalt Blue Pants & Polka Dots (again!).

Top: Old Navy
Pants: Worthington, purchased from JCP
Ballet Flats: Faded Glory, purchased from Wal-Mart
Pumps: purchased from Target

I decided very early on, during this whole colored pants/jeans phase, that I was not going to buy red pants.  Not to say I didn't try them on, because I did, but ever pair looked hideous on me.  I am NOT a size 2 with long beautiful lean legs like all these girls you see on Pinterest.  No, I am a size 6 with the shortest waist known to man.  I have long legs (for someone who is 5'3" tall),  but they are by no means beautiful nor lean!  
I decided if I were to wear red pants, they'd have to be trousers.  I can wear a pair of trousers with a straight leg like no ones business!  However, when I decided red trousers were the way to go, none could be found.  I then turned my attention to cobalt blue.  Why?  Because I love it, that's why.  Plus, I never really wanted red pants.  I felt like everyone and their momma was wearing red pants and I wanted to be different.  
So, I got on and started searching for blue pants.  I found a pair of Worthington ankle trousers on sale and I was sold!  I LOVE THEM!!!  I knew I'd wear them all the time, and I do.  They look great with so many different tops.  I decided to wear my cobalt blue trousers with a black and white polka dotted ruffly top from Old Navy.

First, I wore back ballet flats, with a jewel detail on the front, from Wal-Mart.  Simple and stylish!  I could've worn my black flip flops or simple black sandals, but I wanted to be a little more dressed up today.  And to look office ready, I simply exchanged the ballet flats for a pair of sky-high black pumps.

There you go.  One simple change can make an outfit go from 'running errands around town appropriate' to 'working in an office appropriate'.  Imagine it with a cardi or blazer!  Total transformation!!!  Simple changes can take almost any outfit from drab to fab!!!  So next time you throw on a pair of flip flops, think of trying a pair of ballet flats or nice sandals instead.  And if you work, try a pair of wedges or pumps.

Happy Shopping,


Leesh said...

This is def one of my faves :) Love it with the heels!

Christin James said...

Thanks! I love the heels too!